Novastar operates hotels throughout Mexico, covering colonial cities, large cities and tourist destinations with great tradition.

San Cristobal de Las Casas

The city is considered one of the most beautiful and original ones in Chiapas state with an evoking colonial image that has prevailed through centuries and can be noticed easily with major cultural testimonies, mainly in construction works of priceless historical and artistic value.

Mexico City

Also known as the Aztec Capital, this great city is rich in culture, history and architecture, among many more things. Its night clubs, theater, amusement parks, zoo, massive malls, archaeological sites, prestigious hotels, luxurious restaurants, iconic constructions, ecotourism, restless night life, the best car rental companies, as well as the most intense and comfortable activities gives you reasons to not leave this city.


Tijuana is one of the largest cities in the country and is defined by being the busiest border in Mexico at a worldwide level, the city is known as “The Largest Border in the World”. The city invites you enjoying and discovering its wide range of attractions and activity assortment. In a city where you find many interesting spaces, from world class restaurants, night life and night clubs, to excellent museums, golf courses, the horse track, the Rio zone or the folkloric Revolucion avenue, with all kinds of activities and places to visit.


This beautiful Quintana Roo harbor is considered one of the main and amazing tourist destinations in Mexico. “Cancun” comes from the Mayan tongue that means: “Place of Snakes”, named that way due to the abundance of these reptiles that used to live in this beautiful place. The privileged location in this world class port turns it into a magic place framed by the diverse sea life, major and legendary archaeological zones, as well as the most sophisticated infrastructure for Cancun tourism.