In many of the cases the investor(s) have sufficient supplies to create business units, however, specializing in lodging operations is a complex process so internal control concepts are required and landing business segments that give budget parameters and of course profit projected by partnerships and investors.

Our values as operators and business developers are based in more than 25 years of experience including leadership, consistency in the field and a non-stop growth.

We work under diverse methods that can be:

  • Fixed rental arrangement, established according to the usual inventory in the business unit. A regular model of real estate rental.
  • Variable rental arrangement, established by percentage based on the business monthly sales that partners get or the capital partners; and is defined by specific agreements according to occupation.
  • Operation only, establishing percentages that the operator gets over the sales in a monthly basis (6% to 8% over the entire monthly sales) and profit percentages before taxes (10% over profit).


  • Novastar implements Operative Manuals that enable operation measures through the business unit staff, guaranteeing the service quality and maintenance standards.
  • We establish action plans and marketing that conduct the results projected.
  • We determine budgets that have been studied in marketing and operations that lead to the profits projected in the budget.
  • Contract commitments with investors are established based on previous criteria.
  • Any operations can be audited by the owner in order to balance the investors’ intervention and knowledge.
  • We apply market knowledge values and clients portfolio in order to reach for goals creating trust to the capital and guaranteeing a return of investment